The mission of B-TED is to leverage a multidisciplinary research approach that will help mature and apply blockchain technology as the basis for well designed ecosystems.  To meet the challenge of ecosystem design, our research encompasses technology, economics, law, public policy, regulation and other disciplines. To view details for B-TED projects, click here.

The Blockchain Technology and Ecosystem Design Research Center (B-TED) is based on the National Science Foundation's IUCRC: Industry–University Cooperative Research Centers Program, which provides a structure for industry, academe, and government to perform cutting-edge pre-competitive fundamental research.

B-TED receives most of its funding, research and direction from member companies who serve on an Industrial Advisory Board.  B-TED provides research results to members via open communication with faculty and students.  The NSF oversees the entire program and provides some administrative funding to the center.

B-TED is currently operationational at one site (Georgetown University), working under the NSF's IUCRC guidelines; however, we are not yet part of the NSF's IUCRC program.  We are working closely with other universities and the NSF to become an to beocme an IUCRC, which we expect to happen in early 2019.

What's New at B-TED
  • Upcoming Talks: Shin'ichiro Matsuo and Yuta Takanashi will give talks at Consensus 2019
  • New Publication: ISO TR23245 "Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies -- Security risks, threats and vulnerabilities" (will be published soon)